Here are a selection of current and past prints available 8'' x 10'' or 16'' x 20''. Quantities are limited and custom work is encouraged and available upon request.
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Brutalist Lighthouse ~ $20/$40

Outer Harbor ~ $20/$40

Old Lighthouse ~ $20/$40

Silo City ~ $20/$40

Spirit of Buffalo ~ $20/$40

Wilkeson Pointe ~ $20/$40

Butler Mansion ~ $20/$40

East Utica & What Once Was ~ $20/$40

Elmwood ~ $20/$40

Grovey's Tower ~ $20/$40

Karpeles Manuscript~ $20/$40

Kleinhans ~ $20/$40

The Midway ~ $20/$40

North Street, 5am ~ $20/$40

N. Pearl (now destroyed) ~ $20/$40

Richmond Avenue ~ $20/$40

The Spauldings/Bitches With Money ~ $20/$40

Lil' Summer ~ $20/$40

Theatre of Youth ~ $20/$40

Virginia and Franklin ~ $20/$40

Virginia Place ~ $20/$40

Lackawanna Cops ~ $20/$40

Larkin Power House ~ $20/$40
Illustrations of my travels.

Norway, 2010 Cunard Cruise from Southampton to Honningsvåg,
the most northern point in Europe,
150 nautical miles from the Arctic Circle Bergen, Norway Geiranger, home of the 7 Sisters Waterfalls
A series of shadow boxes produced to coincide with
The Life and Times of Grovey Cleves graphic novel penned by Scott Mancuso

Shadow boxes crafted by Sean Wrafter

Photographs captured by Candace Camuglia

"Hush You William"

"A Pastor & Not a Policeman"

"The Lowest Elevation in Buffalo"

"John Gaffney & Not John Gaffney"

"Veto, Veto, Veto"

"Oscar Folsom, Cleves"

"You Can Get Sousa?!"

"Tell Every Maid, Stable Boy, Kitchen Wench & Gardener"

"The Life & Times of Tumey Cleves"

"One Less President"

Grover Cleveland was the 22nd and 24th President of the United States. In his 20's, he was quoted to say "One day I will be better remembered." Today is that day.

Series of self generated illustrations paired with a narrative penned by Scott Mancuso
which was developed into a graphic novel.

Exhibition was held at Western New York Book Arts Center March 21st, 2014, where a first edition run of 75 letterpressed copies of the book were produced.

Digital Version

Commission by Visit Buffalo Niagara to illustrate a 15'' x 20'' pull out map featured in their 2014 Tourism Guide. Pull out map displayed Buffalo, New York's outer harbor and lower downtown attractions with spot illustrations for each point of interest.

Digital Version

Buffalo, NYSilo CityCanal SideCanal SideCobblestone DistrictFirst Niagara CenterHarborCenterNFTA TowerMetrorailMutual Riverfront ParkOld LighthouseSpirit of BuffaloTifft Nature Preserve Wilkeson Pointe
Finished Pull Out Map
Commissions for homes all over the East Coast.

Work along side Preservationists, Photographers, Fine Artists and illustrators to draw attention to beautiful and historic properties in Buffalo, NY.

Painting For Preservation

Commissioned series of line drawings depicting Historic Allentown, Buffalo, NY properties. Series featured in 2013 Visit Buffalo Niagara visitors guide.

Created a series of illustrations of environments found in my travels on
foot around Buffalo, NY.

Facial hair can tell a story, what saga does yours tell? Collaboration with Sarah Liddell to produce a series of exaggerated beards and environments. Video can be viewed here: Beards of a Feather: Closing Reception Video filmed by Brian Mihok
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